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Music of Mexico

You know, Mexicans really are a funny lot. At first glance, they seem very similar to their neighbours up north. They do (now and then) eat McDonald's, watch The Simpsons, and listen to 50 Cent. But after a while, you realise that they actually prefer their own stuff, and in their own lovable way. This couldn't be evident in anything more than in Mexican music.

The "real" Mexican music is slow to medium tempo, very soppy and romantic, and played with harmonicas, trumpets, guitars, accordions, and sometimes violins. In some ways, it sounds kinda similar to the country / western and the bluegrass music of the USA. There are only a handful of really popular Mexican classics, but seriously, this handful is everywhere! I swear that I've heard the exact same songs, almost every day that I've been in Mexico.

This "classic" music is immune to the generation gap. It's not like in Western countries, where many of the 60s classics — such as Bob Dylan, and Simon & Garfunkel — aren't "cool". People of all ages listen to it and love it. Everyone, everywhere, in Mexico, loves to listen and to dance to the same music, over and over again.

After a month, I gotta admit that I'm kinda getting sick of it. But after a lifetime, these folks still can't get enough of it. These Mexicans really are a beautiful people. G-d, I'm gonna miss them.

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