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Miami Intl, one day before Pesach

In the two hours that I spent in Miami Intl Airport this afternoon, on my way from San Francisco to Lima, I observed that there are only three groups of people here. Group one: African-Americans. Group two: Hispanics. Group three: orthodox Jews. I half-fit into the last of these three groups (Jewish, but not terribly religious), which was kinda good. I think I ran into the Pesach crowd when I got here, because I saw literally hundreds of religious Jewish families, in the 15 minutes or so that I was walking through the airport. Looks like the entire Jewish population of New York (and related cities) has flown down to see the grandparents for Pesach!

I must have arrived in the airport at exactly the same time as several other flights from the northern end of the East Coast. Or maybe it didn't matter what time I arrived — maybe the yids were just streaming down all day, in an endless torrent. Anyway, looks like Florida's numerous retirement villages are going to be having a lot of guests tomorrow night.

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