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Irish snap

This afternoon was a rainy, dreary affair. Instead of hanging out at my new beach retreat in the cold and the wet, I returned (as a "trespasser", for the first of many times) to The Weary Traveler, and hung out with Chris, Erica, Laura, and Emily (another Aussie, from Dubbo). Laura taught us all a crazy card game called Irish snap, which kept us drunk and occupied for quite some time.

Irish snap involves each person in turn putting down a card (as in regular snap), and saying the number exceeding the number that the last person said (e.g. people might put down '7', 'Queen', and '2', but they would say '2', '3', and '4'). If the number that you say matches the number on the card, then someone says 'snap' and takes the deck. That person then also gives that number a new name of their choosing (e.g. 'sausage' for 'Queen'), and that name must be used instead from then on.

By the end of our game, we managed to rename all 13 cards in the deck with random and amusing names. Highly recommended as a way to pass the time.

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