Jaza's World Trip

Hospedaje Huamanga, Ayacucho

Basic guest-house kind of place, in the historic centre of Ayacucho. Cath, Gaz, and myself rocked up here at 7am this morning, and we managed to get a room each (one for me, one for them). I think that this is about the closest Ayacucho has to proper youth hostels: it has shared bathrooms, but no dorms.

Also, from now on, I'm adding a new field to accommodation reviews: hot water. Up until now, this is something I've been able to take for granted, wherever I stay. But that's no longer the case. :P

Rooms: basic, but secure and private.

People: you don't really see the other guests.

Staff: friendly, but their Spanish is incomprehensible (weird accent + mumbling). Also, one of them tried to snog Cath.

Location: middle of town, perfect.

Food / Internet: none.

Hot water: present, but unreliable.

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