Jaza's World Trip

Hola, ¿tienes vino?

Our pampas trip group was tired and shagged out, following a prolonged swim with the dolphins (earlier in the afternoon); so this evening, we went out on the river, in search of two good bottles of red wine. Hey, we have two french girls in the group, remember? We already managed to find one bottle earlier today (near where we also found two baby anacondas), but we decided that two more were needed in order to satiate our needs for the evening. So we ended up stopping at every building we saw along the river, and calling out: "hola, ¿tienes vino?" (lit: "hey there, got wine?").

Call us mad, why don't you; but crazy as it may sound — sailing through the pampas in the waning day, calling out crazily for bottles of wine — it did work! We found a relaxed abode that also doubled as a beverage outlet; and after enquiring with the proprietor, we were indeed able to procure two bottles of fine red wine. His last two, no less! Success: which we celebrated, of course, by getting back to our campsite, and by promptly drinking all the great wine that we'd just bought. Ah, la vita e bella.

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