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Getting out of Máncora

Since Máncora is only 2 hours south of Tumbes (Peru's northernmost major town), you would have thought that it would be fairly easy to find some transport from one to the other. But apparently, on Sunday afternoon, this is not the case. Einat and I ended up waiting over an hour for a combi, and even then, we only just managed to squeeze onto one (it was already ridiculously overcrowded, and we just made it worse). There were also no afternoon buses to be found. Anyway, at least we eventually made it out of this funny little beach resort town, and got to Tumbes, which is the gateway to Ecuador.

As with yesterday, Einat was once again hopelessly indecisive, and aggravatingly stingy, for the whole day today. Hung out with her and Erin (the Canadian girl) once again; but Erin didn't come with us to Tumbes this afternoon. Wise decision: wait for us to go, and then have some serene time to relax by the beach! There's a Belgian guy called Patrick, who I met in Máncora yesterday, and who's also heading up to Tumbes (and to Ecuador) this evening; but unfortunately, I couldn't find him when I was leaving Máncora with Einat. Oh well, hopefully I'll bump into him again soon.

Anyway, despite the little annoyances, it's been a most enjoyable and relaxing three days that I've had, doing the siesta thing here in Máncora. Great place to sit back and enjoy the sun and the surf, in between the cold and hard-work-involved mountains of Peru, and the same-adjectives-apply mountains of Ecuador. I've lived on gourmet seafood and on tropical fruit juice / salad; I've swum and sunbaked and taken in the breeze; and I've even done a bit of partying here and there. Sadly, the beach is not world-class by any means; but it's the best they've got around here, and the atmosphere and the warmth are still very refreshing.

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