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Flying Dog hostel, Lima

This is quite a nice hostel, with a bunch of very friendly staff, and a crowd that's generally really warm. It's not the most exciting place I've ever stayed at; but I get the feeling that the crowds come and go (there isn't a huge crowd here now), and that it's pretty hip by Lima standards. Because I kinda got stuck in Lima during Semana Santa (Easter), I ended up staying here for a full week.

Rooms: basic bunks — not too crowded.

People: friendly; some wanna party, just wanna watch TV.

Staff: very outgoing, part of the crew, and English-speaking.

Location: middle of Miraflores, which is nicer than downtown Lima.

Food: breakfast is free (restaurant downstairs), but a bit small.

Internet: 1 free PC (15 min limit, a bit slow).

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