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Fire show at Ban's: video

Ban's hosted a big party this evening, which they held on the beach in front of their bar-slash-restaurant. They put on a wicked show: live DJ; cheap drinks; and an awesome display of fire juggling. Alex and I were pretty exhausted from today's diving, but we somehow managed to stay up for a fair bit of the party. As well as the juggling, they also doused a large hoola-hoop in petrol, and ignited it to form a ring of fire: then, they tied it up in the air, and they invited anyone and everyone to try their luck at jumping through it. Check out the video.

Ring of fire on Sairee beach.

Crazy guy jumping through the ring.

Fire juggler in action (and return of ye ‘ol slow shutter-speed camera trick).

More cool fire juggling.

Norwegian girls: even hotter than the fire show.

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