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Evening in Agrigento

Seeing that I've done a record three nights straight of rough camping — and that I'm in a big city with plenty of eating and accommodation options — the time has come for a night of splurging. After a thorough exploration of the Valle dei Templi this afternoon, I rode into the city of Agrigento, and found myself a nice budget hotel in which to spend the night. I was looking for a B&B — it seems that around here, hotels and B&Bs are virtually the same price-wise, and have the same offerings, except that one includes a meal and one doesn't — but the hotel was the best I could find. Also, Agrigento is a nice enough place, but it seems that the ruins in the valley are the main attraction — the city itself is nothing special, and doesn't warrant more than a night's stay.

Anyway, it was quite a successful night: I managed to find a place where I could backup my photos onto CD (which was urgent, as my memory card is almost full, and it needs emptying). I grabbed some nice panini and hot dogs for dinner. I found a supermarket for some grocery stocking-up. I feasted on a delicious gelato. And I got one hell of a solid night's sleep. Plus, it was a very good night to be snug inside a hotel room, as there was quite a downpour of rain once it got dark; wouldn't have been so fun in a tent tonight.

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