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Dreary day in Baños

After the party night last night, today was positively dead. I said farewell to Patrick this morning: he's going to Tena ahead of me, as he has less time than me. As it was raining all day, and as I was tired and bored (just like everyone else in town), today was a good day to catch up on ye 'ol blogging, to read a book, and to sleep. Not the most exciting day of my trip; but after the non-stop adventuring and partying of the past week, I did kinda need a break. And there's no day like Sunday for resting.

And seriously, what is with the crappy weather up here in Ecuador? In all my four months of travelling through Peru, Bolivia, and northern Chile, I maybe saw two days of rain. Down there, "dry season" really means "dry season". It might be cold up in those mountains; but the sun she does shine, every day, guaranteed. In Ecuador, it's a different story: it is apparently the dry season here as well; but that merely means "only raining every second day". I think that due to its straddling the equator, Equator doesn't have the clear seasonal distinctions of its southern neighbours: it's just wet all year round. I'd hate to imagine what it's like here from Dec-Jan. Anyway, all this rain is really starting to annoy me. I wish it would clear up for a change.

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