Jaza's World Trip

Dream Internet café in San Cristóbal

San Cristóbal has an enormous selection of Internet cafés, none of which are rubbish, and none of which charge more than 8 pesos / hr. But there's one that stands out way above the rest. Over 40 brand-new PCs. Very high speed Internet. Everything working perfectly. And all for just 5 pesos / hr! The cheapest and the best Internet in Mexico.

I'm not sure what this place is called, or exactly where it is. But it's about 1 block north and half a block west of Posada Mexico Hostel. If you see a large, air-conditioned interior, filled with banks of shiny, numbered terminals, you know you've found the place.

Everything is about internet connections with u! LOL

I think ur up to 5 or 6 blog entries solely on internet café’s,

Also Jeremy, U giving directions with compass bearings!
I still can’t believe it, not sure what’s harder to believe. That ur using compass bearings or that u know where North is. :P
Sounds like ur learning a lot on this trip, I’ll let u navigate on the next canoe trip. :)
By the end of ur trip I’m going to be able to find a internet café anywhere in South America.