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Discoteca at Valladolid

I wasn't expecting much for Friday night in Valladolid, but it turns out that this sleepy little town knows how to party on the dance floor. Dave from NYC and I went to check out the local disco, and it ended up being a big, loud night. Music pumping. Ladies bumping. Cervezas coming.

It was quite amazing to observe a transition that occurred during our time at this club. Most of the time, they were pumping out heavy American dance music, and not everyone was really into it. But towards the end, they switched into more classic Mexican songs, and then everyone was on the dance floor, hopping around like it was a country barn dance.

I guess it's a bit like when they play "YMCA" or "Staying Alive" at the end of the night in Australia: everyone knows it, and everyone wants to go out with a bang. So everyone dances.

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