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Dia del Trabajador

In Peru, primero de mayo (1st of May) is a feriado (public holiday): it's Dia del Trabajador (Labour Day). So today was very quiet in Cusco. For once, there were very few cars, very few street hagglers, and very few school kids out and about. And not much open. However, I still went to school today, although our classes got moved 2 hours ahead, to a 10am-2pm timeslot. Which was good, because most of us went out partying and drinking until quite late last night.

The new French students in our class, Justina and Dorien, were good enough to show up (somewhat) on time today, and to stay for the full lesson. These two are fairly good at Spanish, but I wouldn't say that they're "really advanced" compared to me, as I was led to believe. They learnt a lot of Spanish in high school, but they're very out of practice now. And what's more, they're clearly very lazy, lacking in the right attitude, and less concerned with learning and studying than with having a good time. So far, I'm really not that impressed with them.

As I feared, we're repeating a lot of stuff this week, so that the new people can catch up at my expense. I can only hope that we don't repeat too much, and that we cover at least some new stuff this week. Of course, revising doesn't hurt — I could always do with going over something again, it only makes my knowledge base firmer — but learning new stuff is always better.

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