Jaza's World Trip

Dave from Ireland

There couldn't have been a more able representative of fair Ireland, to grace our Salkantay hike group, than Dave. Dave showed up on day 1, having had zero sleep and gallons of alcohol the night before; and the first thing he did was down a large Cusqueña, "to keep me going fer the day". And, amazingly, keep him going it did.

Well, for the morning, anyway — he jumped in the back of the equipment truck in the afternoon, and slept all the way to Soraypampa — but hey, good effort anyway.

Today, Dave celebrated the highest point of the hike with a beer and a ciggy. As Dave himself would say, he’s a #$&%ing crazy bastard.

Sadly, Dave won't be with the group for the rest of the hike, as he and Sarah are going ahead of us tomorrow, in order to finish the hike earlier. But they'll both most certainly continue to be with us in spirit.