Jaza's World Trip

Boat to Los Uros and Amantaní

Myself, Chris, and two random Belgians that we met at Qoni Wasi headed down to the Puno docks this morning, to grab a boat-and-island-stay package deal with one of the captains down there. We found a deal that included a boat to Los Uros, Amantaní, (next day) Taquile, and back to Puno, as well as a night's stay with a family on Amantaní. Quite a few fellow crazy travellers were on the boat with us, and the rides themselves were quite scenic, if a bit long.

Getting on the boat at the Puno docks.

Took about 45 mins to get to Los Uros; and once we were finished there, it was about 3 hours to Amantaní. Not exactly a short trip — but hey, it was worth it. The boat itself was also fairly fast and reliable, even if not quite 5-star. We had a really weird deal with the drivers (not sure which of the two was the captain): one of them was constantly really happy and giving us broad smiles; and the other one was grim and sour-faced the entire time. Lake Titicaca's very own odd couple.

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