Jaza's World Trip

Bill's couch in Sunnyvale

After Day 1 of DrupalCon finished, we all went down to the Sunnyvale Sheraton for some drinks and mingling, and then we continued on to the Firehouse bar-slash-restaurant for more of the same. By the time we were done drinking and mingling, I'd missed the last Caltrain back to San Francisco. Luckily, the very kind and magnanimous Bill Fitzgerald let me crash on his motel room couch for the night. So I spent one night in Sunnyvale itself!

I gotta admit, it did make it a bit easier getting over to Yahoo! for day 2 of the conference. Rather than getting a bus, a train, and a light rail, Bill and I walked up the road a few hundred metres.

my couch == your couch

Hello, Jeremy,

Glad to help out -- it would have been a long slog to up to SF and back, particularly seeing how the train had stopped running :)

Looking forward to hearing how the South American leg of the world trip unfolds.