Jaza's World Trip

Bicycle and accessories

On Wednesday I went window shopping; and today, I made the big purchase. As of now, I am the proud owner of a €50, second-hand, "Giant" brand mountain bike! As I suspected, I was able to purchase the bicycle, plus all its accessories, from Porto Portese — the dodgy Roman market to handle all your shopping needs. Got the bike from a funny old dude called Alfredo, who runs a little repair shop in the alley that makes up most of the market, and who permanently has a ciggy in the corner of his mouth. It doesn't look too crap: hopefully, it will get me around Sicily.

New bicycle, complete with accessories.

As well as the bike, I also got a whole shwag of accessories, with (combined) ended up costing a fair bit more than the bike itself. Nevertheless, accessories can seldom be bought second-hand, and all of them are essential for my trip. My accessory purchases for today included: helmet; lock; allen keys; spare inner tube; basket-holder; saddlebags; and pump. Additionally, I also bought some extra camping gear that I didn't yet have: picked up a gas cooker and some bottles of gas, as well as a little pot and a set of pans. Hopefully, that's me all set for a ride through Sicily — now I just have to get down there.

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