Jaza's World Trip

Are these swans?

I hopped over to Bristol this afternoon with Christina; and while we were walking near the river, we saw a bunch of birds. Christina insisted they were swans. I said they were too ugly and weird to be swans, they must be geese. A local, when asked, assured us that they were indeed swans — "Bristol swans". I lost £5. What do you think? Geese or swans? If they really are swans, then they're the least graceful type of bloody swan I've ever seen — they must be outcast by the rest of their swan brethren the world over.

C’mon — back me up people, they’re geese!

Not to worry: I paid the £5 back to Christina in the form of beer, which I would have bought her anyway, she being a beautiful girl from California and all. Nevertheless, it's not a beer issue, it's a pride issue. I stand firm by my claim, until proven otherwise by a world expert in the field of marine ornithology.

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