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Après-ski at The Londoner

Ziss is how ve do things in Osstria: after ve go skiing, ve have some fun, ja! And as they say: when in Austria... you know what I mean. For my first-ever European "après-ski" evening, we didn't do anything too big. It was a fairly relaxed evening at Snowbunnys: the place was rather quiet tonight (much like the slopes during the day), so it was mainly just the crazy swedes, the Aussie amigos and myself. I tried out the Snowbunnys après-ski shower for the first time, and I was impressed. Us Aussies cooked up some shared pasta napolitana (with a side of mash) for dinner, which was delicious and quite filling. And once again (like last night), we hit The Londoner pub once more, for a couple of drinks and a quick shmooze.

Drinks at The Londoner: Kade, Sarah, Craig and Nikolas (left to right).

I heard all about Craig, Sarah and Kades' adventures today: sounds like despite the ice, and despite being utter newbies, they still had plenty of fun. Their all-day lessons went very well: their instructors were very nice, spoke great English, and got through a fair bit of the basics with them. However, they're still very much at rock-bottom skill level, and they're not feeling confident to go all the way up the mountain yet. So I'm not sure if I'll be taking them up Hahnenkamm tomorrow: it'll probably have to wait until Wednesday (which is their last day here).

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