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All your Cusco are belong to us

After just three days here, I've decided that it's official: Cusco has been pwned by tourists. Pommies, Swedes, Aussies, and (most especially) Israelis, say it loud and proud to the Cusqueñans: all your base are belong to us. Seriously, the centre of Cusco has been utterly taken over. There's just nothing left there except tour agencies, massage parlours, Internet cafés, souvenir shops, and overpriced restaurants. I've seen some badly overtouristed places before, but nothing else even comes close to the centre of Cusco. The locals here have been wiped out.

Considering that I'm planning to stay here for over a month, I just hope that I can cope with this unfortunate reality, and that I can get away from the gringo-infested centre, and stick to the more pristine, local parts of the city.

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