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A friend in need

One of the people staying at Bob's (apart from José) who wasn't completely stoned, was a friendly backpacker dude from Croatia. A bunch of us were sitting and having a few drinks in the dungeon this evening; and gradually, we all decided to call it a night and to head up to bed. The Croatian guy and myself ended up being the last people left downstairs. I asked him when he was heading upstairs, and he said: "I'm staying here until they close the lounge (which is at 3am) — after that I'll find somewhere else to sleep for the night". After a bit more questioning, it seemed that what he meant was that he was actually completely broke, and that he was waiting to go to the Croatian embassy tomorrow and to beg for money (to get a flight home); and that he couldn't even afford another night here at Bob's.

Poor guy — and he wasn't even going to tell anyone about his plight! Anyway, what could I do — I could hardly let him get kicked out of the lounge at 3am, and be forced to sleep on the street for the rest of the night. I felt I had no choice but to give the bloke a helping hand. I shouted him €20, with which he was able to check back in to the hostel, and to sleep safe and warm for one more night. I didn't see him the next day, but I hope he's managed to find some help elsewhere.

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