Jaza's World Trip

A field near Marsala

By the time I made it to the resort-ified coast south of Marsala this afternoon, it was getting late, and daylight was in scarce supply. This would have worried me, except that the weather was fine and warm; and the low west-coast horizon of the sea kept things light-ish for longer than usual. I found plenty of signs directing me to a proper campsite in the area: but these signs turned out to be incredibly inaccurate and confusing; and by the time I finally found the campsite (after riding around lost for ages), it was thoroughly shut down for the season anyway. What is it with Sicily in November, and shut campsites? Apparently, there are so few of them, that it's barely worth bothering to even try camping legally around here (and if you're not in a campsite, it's not legal). So I found an empty field a few streets away, and pitched ye 'ol tent there instead.

Field by some palm trees, south of Marsala.

Tonight's camping was the most pleasant I've done so far. The field that I found was clearly vacant: it had a building under construction just next to it; a string of planted palm trees (arguably a mini-forest) behind it; and a few houses and resorts across the road from it. Plus, it was only about 50m from the beach and the sea, and it was a warm clear night. Nice, soft flat grass for my tent; calm wind for cooking and sleeping in; and a gorgeous, starry Mediterranean sky to bedazzle me overhead.

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