Jaza's World Trip

A field near Lercara

From the town of Roccapalumba, this afternoon I kept cycling through the highlands for as long as I could, until it was getting dark and I simply had to camp somewhere. I managed to make it just short of the town of Lercara, where I found a field that was between several properties (houses, workshops, and such), and that didn't seem to be claimed or used by any of its neighbours. I guess it was vacant — anyway, the neighbours saw me camped there, and they didn't try to kick me off, or to hassle me in any way; so stay there the night is what I did. The field was a little bit close to the highway (traffic noise), and there were leeches crawling around in the grass; but otherwise, it was a good spot to squat for the night; and I had a nice view of the countryside all around, and of the city of Lercara lit up ahead of me.

Sicily cycle map, day 5.

My final hour or so of cycling for the day was a bit of a navigational challenge, as I had to turn on and off about three different intersecting highways, in order to keep going in the direction I was headed. This, combined with the gathering dark, made the ride a bit stressful. Plus, there was the issue of finding somewhere to camp for the night: seeing that I was amidst highway junctions for a fair while (not the ideal place to camp), and that there were fenced properties on the roadside for most of the way, I was pretty anxious, and getting rather desperate, by the time I found my lucky field. Anyway, it all turned out fine in the end — I was just a bit silly in leaving it so late.

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