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Useless Internet at El Panchán

I tried out the Internet café at El Panchán, and I'm sorry to say that I wasn't impressed. When I got there, the Internet wasn't working at all. Then, when they finally got it restored, my mouse didn't work, the connection was slow, and the PCs were filled with more spyware than a James Bond movie. And all for a ripoff rate of 15 pesos / hr.

I was not a satisfied customer at all at this establishment. Fortunately, I only stayed 5 minutes, and they were decent enough not to charge me for my frustrating experience. Ah well, Internet can wait until I get to San Cristóbal, where it will be no doubt much better and more bountiful.

Just goes to show that even in the heart of Palenque, they sometimes have technical problems. Hey, I guess that when you're in the jungle, it's better to stick with what's natural.

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