Jaza's World Trip

The Venice Fish crew

For my first night in Venice, we at the Fish turned out to be quite the crew tonight. As the evening wore on, and as four drinks started to follow the previous three, names and faces started to get blurred and mushed-up a bit. But I do remember most of the gang. There was Canadian Scott: very funny guy, and the two of us ended up rebounding comic stupidity off each other for most of the night, and inflicting it on the others. USA Scott was quieter, but also a fun bloke. There was Kaie from Texas, who's been to Venice three times before, doesn't know how long she's staying this time, and professes to be in love with the city. There was the hot blonde American chick, who was a little limited when it came to deep intellectual discussion, but who fortunately had plenty of other redeeming features. There was the quiet Aussie girl from Melbourne, who said little and drank even less. There were the random Aussie westies with the private room, who we saw only briefly during the evening (they piked on dinner). And of course, there was the Persian. Together, we engaged in much fun and revelry during the evening, there was much singing and telling of rude and inappropriate jokes, and it was good.

Pasta, wine and beer for dinner. Left to right: Kaie from Texas, USA Scott, Canadian Scott, quiet Aussie girl, and hot USA bimbo. Canadian Scott made the most moves on her — sadly, none of us boys managed to checkmate her this evening.

Scott, you just don't get it, do ya?

Sure, USA Scott... you're concentrating real hard on that game of solitaire... we believe you... :P.

The crew started out the evening over some generous portions of Persian Venice pasta, which were supplemented by our own purchases of copious beer and wine. Later on, we decided to hit the town, and to see what downtown Venice has to offer, of a late November Wednesday evening. Actually, it turns out that there's not that much happening in the city, as far as nightlife goes: all we found was two or three rather quiet bars, and one almost-empty club. Despite this, we still managed to continue the consumption, as well as the partying and the singing spirit. Hardly the biggest night out I've enjoyed on this trip: but a memorable one nonetheless.