Jaza's World Trip

Swimming in Playa

Spent the entire morning in the water at Playa. It was so absolutely stunning and relaxing, I couldn't pull myself out. I lazed around in the shallows for a while; then I swam to the other end of the beach and back again, exploring everything in between. I hope I don't die anytime soon, because when (and if!) I go to heaven, I doubt it could be better than this.

The divine waters of Playa.

The beach is longer and more varied than I thought. People only really swim in a few little pockets of the beach. In between, there are boats (with their dirt, and their petrol smell), and there's a pier. But it's possible to swim around most of these, if you really want to (and I did!). There are also people doing all sorts of watersports — such as parasailing, jetskiing, and scuba diving — in numerous spots along the beach.

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