Jaza's World Trip

Sunset on Amantaní

After lunch with our host families, those of us from the morning's boat ride that were staying on Amantaní went on a hike to the top of the island, to observe the spectacular views afforded from the climb, and to watch the sun set over the top of the world. Lake Titicaca is closer to the sky than any other lake in the world, so it's quite a sight to behold.

Oy... vot a sunset.

We started by being led by one of the people in our host family (the eldest daughter, aged 26 — why she's not married yet?) to the town square of Amantaní, where we met up with our fellow gringos, and took in the unfettered, virtually commerce-free atmosphere of the place with great pleasure.

Main square and church of Amantaní.

Then, we began the arduous hike up the big mountain that forms the centre of the island. It wasn't such a bad hike, really — only about ½ an hour long, and with a wide cobbled path all the way — but I guess the altitude was pretty severe. Anyway, there were plenty of great views all the way up, of the island and the gorgeous lake all around.

Lakeside, lakeside everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

Actually, that's not true: there was plenty to drink. When we reached the top, some great, ice-cold, only slightly over-priced Cusqueña beer awaited us.

When you're climbing a mountain; or watching a sunset. After a hard day's work, you sure gotta thirst: and the best cold beer is Cus. Cusqueña. You can get it any old how. Matter of fact I got it now.

There really is nothing like having a good beer at the top of a mountain. Warms you up for the gathering cold. Helps you appreciate the beauty at the top. And dispels your fears about rolling all the way back down :P. In this case, it sure was beautiful at the top.

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