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St. Christopher's Inn, Bath

St. Christopher's Inn is a great little hostel in the pub-infested centre of Bath. The bottom floor of the place is a regular pub, actually — open to the public every evening, and it gets just as many locals as it goes guests coming for a drink. It's not the greatest value for money (but nothing is in Bath), and it does have a few eccentric little annoyances; but it's good fun, and a nice place to crash for a few nights.

Rooms: fairly basic — a bit crowded, and the noise and light from the street outside can be bad on weekends.

People: nice crowd, all young backpackers — best to meet people in the secret common room up top, rather than down in the bar.

Staff: the bar stuff down in the pub double as hostel reception staff. They'll give you the keys and take your money, but that's about it.

Location: centre of Bath, 5 minute walk from the bus and train stations, and near all the pubs and shops.

Food: the free breakfast isn't bad, and is all-you-can-eat. Don't buy lunch or dinner here (you can get it downstairs, in the pub) — mega ripoff.

Internet: super-ripoff £1 per 20 minutes, and only 1 PC available. But that's standard for Bath. My advice is to just not go online while in this town.

Hot water: nice and hot — but the special "water-saving taps" need to be whacked every 5 seconds, or the shower just stops! Very annoying.

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