Jaza's World Trip

Scottish girl, Aussie man

This unique couple are staying with me at St. Christopher's, here in Bath. The guy is from Harvey Bay in Queensland, and he's been travellng and working for about 2 years straight; and (in true Aussie backpacker style) he has no idea when he's going home (if ever). The girl's from somewhere in Scotland, and nobody can understand a bloody word she says — lucky I'm not going to Scotland!

This couple have two bunk beds in my room; but the top bunk is filled with all their luggage, and they're sleeping together in the bottom bunk. I don't know exactly what they got up to; but let's just say that from the sounds of things (and yes, everyone could hear it loud 'n' clear), they didn't get much sleep last night. Interesting setup, but it seems to work for them. Unlike in the Chili Peppers song, it isn't always an English girl, American man :P.