Jaza's World Trip

Pickpocketed in the parade

This afternoon's parade in Miraflores was amazing; but unfortunately, it did also have its nasty bits. While walking through the thicker-than-thick throngs back to Loki, someone took advantage of the tight situation, and snatched all the cash out of my pocket. Anyway, could have been worse: all I lost was cash (excluding coins), and it wasn't much more than about USD$60. I knew it was a good idea to just leave my cash loose in my pocket, while I'm travelling: much better than them stealing a wallet, that's also filled with things like ATM cards and driver's licences.

My camera was in the other pocket, and thank G-d, I didn't lose my new one as well. I'd heard all the warnings, that Lima is filled with some of the world's most skilled pickpockets. Well, considering that I didn't feel a thing — didn't even notice until I finished dinner, about 4 hours later, and couldn't pay for it! — I now know from first-hand experience just how true it is. Take care of your valuables at all times when in Lima: 'cause if you don't, someone else will.

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