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Party at Pacha

Last night, we went to a crazy trance disco all night long. Tonight, the insane adventure that is "a weekend in BA" continued. No small fry clubs tonight: no sirree, tonight we hit Pacha, the biggest and the most famous of them all. Pacha is an enormous complex, a fair way north of the city centre (near the airport), that holds thousands of people on its two spacious dance floors every Saturday night, and that also regularly plays host to some of the disco world's biggest names, as weekly guest DJs. It was a big night, and an extremely fun one. Now, this is what Argentina is all about.

Following the usual few hours spent relaxing, chatting and drinking at The Clan's bar, a group of us signed up on the offer from one of the staff members, to get us onto a minibus that would take us to Pacha tonight. Two Irish girls, Oly and myself put our names down for the deal, which was 50 pesos for the bus ride and the club entry. The minibus picked us up at about 1:30am (it also picked up people from various other hostels), and we got there 20 minutes later.

Once again (just like when I arrived at Clan a few days ago), when I got to Pacha tonight, it turned out to be a big, surprise reunion! I saw two of my mates from last week in Bariloche, here at the club tonight: crazy Irish Ed, who got as wasted as ever tonight; and big, friendly, Aussie Dave. It was good to see these guys again: as we're all staying at different hostels, we might not have bumped into each other, had we not all come here tonight.

I had a sweet time at Pacha tonight. The fashion parade and the drug orgy weren't as bad as last night — although maybe that was because I was mainly on the upstairs dance floor, which seemed to be a bit more tame than the mosh pit downstairs. The music was perfect: not quite as heavy as last night; but still strong, well-mixed, and without pause. I just kept dancing, and dancing, and dancing — the cows were already all back home, and watching the morning news, by the time I stopped.

We lost the Irish girls around 4am, and Oly also went back home at this time. However, I couldn't tear myself away so early — not at Pacha, and not on Saturday night — so I stayed on, and kept dancing with the various other gringo crowds that were there. I think I got back to the hostel at about 7am. Now, I'm utterly stuffed — not sure how much more of this extreme partying I can keep up. But as for what I've managed so far: it was definitely worth it!

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