Jaza's World Trip

Nir and Shay

These two Israeli guys were staying at The Weary Traveler. They're both — eh, you know! — real easy-going, laid-back guys. Actually, they're both rather stoned. Shay is also an accomplished juggler, who can do an impressive act with his throwing sticks. Nir wants to go to Italy to become a doctor. They've both done South America, and have plenty of good stories to tell about it.

I didn't see Nir again; but I ended up running into Shay again, a few days later at Palenque. Shay was really nice to me in Palenque: he showed me around the place on my first day there, and took me to a beautiful waterfall in the forest. At Palenque, I also learned just how unbelievably funny, crazy, and completely stoned Shay can be. He knows no limits in all these areas.