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Night trip to Tungurahua

This evening, Patrick and I went on the popular night tour up to Tungurahua, the volcano that looms over Baños. Tungurahua was erupting last week, and we heard first-hand reports from people who'd seen lava coming out of it. Very cool! Although a bit crazy, since a large eruption is fully capable of destroying the entire town of Baños. Sadly, we didn't see any eruption tonight: but we still got a great birds-eye view of the town, lit up at night; and we had fun drinking a very strong distilled sugar-cane spirit, and watching some top-class fire-juggling up on the mountain. And a fun ride on the roof of the tourist truck, too.

Birds-eye view of Baños at night.

Fire jugglers doing their thang. I ain't seen anything like this since Mexico.

Fire juggling: in the act. Thanks Patrick for the tip of increasing the exposure time on my camera: the effect is real cool.

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