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Monasterio de Santa Catalina

Went and had a look at Monasterio de Santa Catalina today, a 400-year-old monastery and convent in the middle of Arequipa. Apparently, it's the only monastery in the world that's considered to be "a city inside a city". It's also still fully functioning, and inhabited by the same order of nuns that began it in Renaissance times. Interesting to see the antique sleeping rooms, the beautiful architecture, and — bizarrely — the ingenious laundry system that they have inside. Worth a wander, if you're in Arequipa and have an hour or so to spare.

Austere monastic habitation.

Central cloister: I guess when the nuns are caught sleeping with Father Alberto, they get put up on these crosses.

They seem to be fond of staircases leading nowhere (just for show!). Maybe they're just made to sit and comtemplate life and Jesus on?

Beautiful architecture and artwork in the monastery.

View from a rooftop balcony, of the monastery spread out below.

Laundry courtyard: has a mini-aqueduct that feeds a double line of large clay tubs. Strange and intricate setup, just to be able to wash yer robes, wouldn't you say? Personally, I think it's better suited to having a nice, warm outside bath on a sunny day.

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