Jaza's World Trip

Mauricio and Lachlan

How I managed to meet Mauricio (and, in turn, Lachlan) was another case of fate being mi mejor amigo. A few days ago, a guy called Antonio Ognio, in Peru, emailed me with a Drupal support query. When I emailed him back and told him I was in Mexico, he said that I had to visit his FOSS friend Mauricio, if I was going to be in Xalapa. Well, it just so turns out that here I am in Xalapa!

Mauricio is a local, as well as a Linux sysadmin for Essanda. Lachlan is Mauricio's boss, and he's an Aussie guy from Sydney! Lachlan's a really nice, interesting, and well-travelled guy (as well as a fully qualified surgeon, of all things).

Mauricio and Lachlan were incredibly hospitable. Today, they dropped whatever they were meant to be doing for their Friday's work, and decided to be our tourguides and all-round amigos for the day (with 'us' being myself and Steve). They took us for lunch, showed us the Anthropology Museum, and hung around and chatted a great deal.