Jaza's World Trip

Lunch in Santa Elena

The 5 Uxmal road trippers stopped in Santa Elena to grab a nice, cheap, Mexican lunch. Our first try was an over-priced restaurant in the middle of town. But after a bit more in-depth searching, we managed to find a family-home-slash-little-restaurant joint that opened up especially for us, and that treated us to a massive taco feast for a very reasonable price.

I don't know exactly how we found this place, but I do know that it involved all the other road-trippers doing a lot of Spanish talking with the locals. But it was worth the effort. The tacos were great. The price was great. And the lunchtime stories (about Matthias's travels in the Middle East) were great.

Kanako and Matthias munching tacos.

The only unfortunate thing was that I got a bit of salsa verde in my camera over lunch, which resulted in my camera lens moving sluggishly for the rest of the day. Hopefully the damage to the camera isn't permanent.

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