Jaza's World Trip

Los Profesores, Iquique

Reasonable enough hostel, situated in the middle of things in Iquique. As with San Pedro, they have the annoying thing about paying for each night in advance; but at least here, they'll let you dump your bags in a storeroom after you've checked out. The place has a good vibe, even though I didn't particularly think the same of the city that it's in.

Rooms: cramped little dorm, but at least it's warm.

People: not too many other guests there; but the ones that they had were great fun.

Staff: quite a friendly family-run affair; I really liked the staff. They all attempted to speak English, as well.

Location: Iquique's not too big, and this place is pretty much right in the middle of it.

Food: very nice free breakfast of bread (but it's good bread, not Bolivian bread!), jam, and tea / coffee. Kitchen is not available for guest use (bit of a pain).

Internet: 2 PCs with very fast Internet (really, it was quite impressive), available for USD$1 per day, unlimited use.

Hot water: apparently there was one hot shower; but the one I found was stone cold.

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