Jaza's World Trip

Loki Hostel, Lima

I've done Cusco. I've done La Paz. Now, I've got the complete set of three: I've done Loki Lima! As with its two brethren, Loki Lima is the place to be: smack bang in the middle of Miraflores (across the road from the massive McDonald's), with a kicking Irish bar on the premises, and with super-friendly guests and staff. Very different to Flying Dog, which is nice, but a lot more tranquil. When you come to Loki, you come to enjoy, not to sleep.

Rooms: very nice, all re-furbished, and quite modern and warm.

People: always friendly, always in abundance, but seldom sober. That's Loki for you.

Staff: helpful, 100% English-speaking, and also seldom sober.

Location: middle of Miraflores — across from the big roundabout, and from Parque Kennedy — near everywhere you could possibly eat, shop, and be merry. Quite far from central Lima, though.

Food: usual Loki deal, of free breakfast of bread / jam / tea / coffee; plus anything else at any time of the day, at an extra charge.

Internet: 2 free PCs, both fast and reliable.

Hot water: Sure is.

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