Jaza's World Trip


The taxi driver convinced me to stay at Hotel Reforma Avenue, instead of staying at a hostel. Despite being more expensive, however, this stay was definitely worth it, because fate arranged for me to meet Jackeline.

Jackeline is 24, she's from Honduras, she's a singer, and she's quite beautiful. We checked in to the hotel at the same time, and then we decided to go and have dinner together. Dinner led to a bus and train ride around Mexico City at night, and a twilight tour of the Zocalo plaza; which in turn led to a trip to a karaoke bar in Zona Rosa, that lasted well into the night.

Jackeline was only in Mexico City (and in all of Mexico) for one night, and she was desperate to go salsa dancing. But, being Monday night, almost all of the city's venues were closed (despite us being in the world's biggest city!), and the karaoke was all that we could find. Nevertheless, it was good fun.

Jackeline spoiled me by acting as my translator. Without her, I would have been pretty much screwed.

One thing's for sure, though: my first night in Mexico City was a crazy, a jam-packed, and a totally unforgettable experience.