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Farewell to my Cusco family

After four very quick and very memorable weeks with them, today I finally said goodbye to the Polar Covarrubias family, and "moved out of home". Lunch today was my last meal with the family, and it was a bit sad to have to say farewell to them; but it was also a relief to be ending my routine and getting-a-bit-too-comfortable life with them, and preparing to get back on the road again. They've been the best host family I could have asked for: after my time with them, I feel like I've gained a second family, for life. I know I'll always be welcome at their house in the future.

At the table with Flora and Mario for the last time.

Flora in particular has been extraordinary, and has treated me like a son as much as she treats her four real sons. Mario, of course, was not in the best of health during my time here; but nonetheless, he too was very loving and very hospitable. Neither of them really wanted me to leave, and they offered to let me stay longer, at no extra cost. Manolo and Patty, who are also living in the house at the moment, were also incredibly friendly. It was great practicing my Spanish with Manolo, in return for letting him practice his English with me!

Saying goodbye to Manolo and Patty.

I grabbed my bags straight after lunch, and headed for my new hostel in San Blas, where I'll probably be staying for the rest of my time in Cusco — at least, while I'm in between my various trips and adventures in the area.

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