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Dental check-up in BA

I've been meaning to go to the dentist down here in South America for some time. In many countries around here, the service is incredibly cheap, and also quite professional. Seeing as The Clan has some brochures for a good dental practice here in BA — and seeing that I didn't have much else planned for today — I decided that it was a good time to pay the dentist a visit. The place I went to was Dental Argentina: very friendly and English-speaking people there; and quality, affordable work on your teeth, to keep 'em nice and sparkly. Plus, it can all be claimed back later, on ye 'ol comprehensive travel insurance.

I really have no excuse for not going to the dentist more often. My uncle back home is a dentist, so I could go virtually for free in Sydney, any time I like. In fact, I think I have about 4 dentists in the extended family (most of them being various "types of uncles"). But when I'm back home, I just don't get around to it. So I figure that a free week in BA is about as good a time as I could ever get, for paying a visit. I was planning to go in Peru, or in Ecuador, but didn't get around to it while I was up there, either.

Anyway, all went about as well as can be expected. Got a check-up, and got some thorough cleaning and polishing done on my teeth. Turns out that I have one cavity: it's not that big yet, but it's only getting bigger. So I have to come back on Thursday, to get it filled in. Apart from that, my teeth are pretty much as shiny and twinkly (and healthy) as can be.

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