Jaza's World Trip

Corrida in Santa Elena

In between our Uxmal day tour, and the Uxmal evening light show, the Uxmal road trippers went to a corrida in Santa Elena. A corrida is a kind of rodeo / country fair affair. We got some seats on the top level of some rickety stadium-ring stands, and watched a gang of Mexican cowboys and matadors have fun with a bull. Check out the video.

They don't fight or kill (or ride) the bull at a corrida; they just play cat-and-mouse with it, and then they ensnare it by flinging ropes at it. Lots of fun to watch, especially amidst a whole arena of cheering Mexican locals.

This was a good, fun local deal, and a great taste of the real country bumpkin Mexico. Mexicans don't like to admit it, but when they're having a good time, they often look a lot like their gringo pals up north.

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