Jaza's World Trip


I was up for a nice, quiet day of relaxing and reading today, after yesterday's adventure on the volcano. So I'm walking down the street in Pucón, heading to the lakeside with a good book, when this guy comes up to me and invites me to join his friends on the grass. His name was Francisco, or "Chisco": and like his friends hanging out on the grass, he was completely trashed. It was the middle of the day, and they were all downing beers and smoking weed. "Do you wanna be boring, or do you wanna have fun, maaan?" Chisco demanded.

Anyway, Chisco was pretty insistent that I not go off and read my book (because you're not allowed to do boring things like that in the middle of the day, on a lazy Friday), so I accepted his invitiation, and hung out with these drunk, stoned tourguides (day off) for a bit, before they all fell asleep in the park. Welcome to a small town somewhere in Chile, eh? :P

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