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Ceviche at Punto Azul

Last time that I tried Peru's famous ceviche (raw fish / raw seafood) cuisine, I wasn't too hot on it. But clearly, I just didn't go to the right place for it. Punto Azul, a restaurant in Miraflores, does some amazing ceviche. Went there for lunch today, in a big group, and we had one hell of a feed. Had some of the traditional ceviche dishes (i.e. fish and seafood soaked in lemon juice), as well as some with a more spicy sauce, and some that came in a big risotto. I'm totally converted.

Rowena, Chris, and some random Polish girls (left-to-right). And what was left of the ceviche, after our big feed.

Note: although I generally try to avoid seafood, on account of my religion, there are some days when you just have to say "f%#$ it". This was one of those days.

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