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Catedral snowboarding, day 6

My first day of not snowboarding alone: yay! Today, I caught the bus up to the mountain with Ed (who managed to rise from bed this morning) — we also met up on the bus again with Paul, and his Brazilian friend — and together, we all went up the slopes on our funky snowboards. Sadly, the weather was once again pretty shoddy today: snowing / raining all day, and the mountain was a white-out / blizzard by the afternoon. Nevertheless, we had plenty of fun, and we didn't get too soaked in the process.

On my final run down the mountain today, there was one incident that would have been funny, if it hadn't happened in the middle of a freezing-cold blizzard. The weather-proof pants that I hired on Sunday have been starting to tear a little bit, over the past few days — but so far, it's been bearable. Well, this afternoon, my pants tore themselves completely open, right in the crotch. And so I had to snowboard all the way down to the bottom — with almost no visibility, and with ice-cold flakes of snow falling on me — having nothing between the fierce icy wind, and my balls, except for a thin pair of undies. Auuuugghhh! I hope I can still have kids one day, after that little adventure.

I stayed with Ed for most of the day — although he's been boarding a few times before, he isn't too far above my skill level — but we lost Paul and his friend earlier on. We also bumped into Travis again, towards the end of the day. As with day 2, today we had to call it a day early (about 3:30pm), due to our being utterly frozen from the rain and the cold weather.

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