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Catedral snowboarding, day 3

Another big day on the mountain, for a small and fledgling newbie snowboarder to keep tackling the terrain. Today was a very white day: it was snowing all day — not just on the mountain, but also in Catedral's alpine village; and even back in town as well, in Bariloche! Snow is fine by me, of course — unlike rain, it doesn't make you wet, and it makes the ground-cover better rather than worse (plus it looks beautiful when it's falling) — although a post-snowfall clear blue day is certainly better. I kept practising, kept venturing further up the chairlifts (and back down the slopes), and kept stacking it every five seconds. But hey, still getting there, little by little.

My instructor yesterday — Martín from the Catedral Mountain school — told me that I'd be able to come back today, and to get another group lesson / board hire combo for the day. Well, like I said, he's a nice guy, but his employers really aren't. No luck with the lessons today: there was nobody else to go for a group lesson with; and Catedral Mountain refused to give me another "private group lesson", claiming that they only did it yesterday because they were anticipating more people, and that giving me a private lesson at group price is "a financial loss for them" (BULL$#%&!). So I'm officially giving up on my endeavours to procure more lessons: it's way more trouble than it's worth, and I don't want to deal with the stress and aggravation of it anymore. I'm on holiday, for G-d's sake — I don't need all that hassle. And anyway, I think I've been taught enough, to get by for the rest of the week just by continuing to practice.

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