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Bus to Uyuni

After a day spent relaxing yesterday, today Chris and I made the journey, by bus, from Potosí to Uyuni. Was a bit of an exercise, actually finding a bus to take us there; but once we got our tickets, the trip itself went without incident. The road, of course, was unpleasant to say the least; and the number of random "extra" people on the bus was a bit worrying. But hey, this is Bolivia.

I went down to the bus terminal this morning, to grab some tickets to Uyuni. It turns out that buses to everywhere except Uyuni leave from the main terminal; for some reason, buses to Uyuni have their own separate terminal, where you buy the tickets, and where the buses leave from. So I had to find this separate terminal, and then shop around once I got there. Anyway, managed to get two tickets on an 11:30am bus, which would take six hours to get to Uyuni. A lot of people get night buses, which arrive at Uyuni at about 3am: I definitely preferred our bus, which arrived at a much easier time of 5:30pm.

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