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Amantaní family stay

The popular thing to do on the island of Amantaní, in Lake Titicaca, is to spend a night eating and sleeping with one of the local families on the island, in order to really experience life like they do. So that's what myself, Chris, and the rest of the crew from the morning's boat ride did. Myself and Chris got introduced to one of the Amantaní families, and taken to their farmhouse by the lake. We got well taken care of, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time living the simple life.

Front yard of the family's house on Amantaní.

The house that we stayed in was a simple enough affair, with a little courtyard of a front yard, and with two stories of kitchen and bedrooms (outhouse round the side). We didn't really get to see the rest of the house — we were only shown our own bedroom — but we got the feeling that the guest room was the nicest room in the house. From the house, there were also beautiful views of the little walled-in farming fields all around, and of the lake just down the hillside.

View of the lake, from the bottom of the hill.

Our humble local family gave us three meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast), all of which were most satisfying. Pretty basic stuff — mainly corn / veggie soup, rice, beans, potatoes, bread, and tea — but it was fresh, wholesome, and very authentic. Not sure that I could live on that stuff every day of my life, like they do; but it's certainly a nice experience for a day or two.

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